September 30, 2021

Zahret Al Thaloth

Zahret Al Thaloth Zahrat Al Thalouth is a Turkish romantic drama series that revolves around a strong love story between two people born in the midst of war and great revenge. This revenge will ignite the flame of love between Akın Akınözü and Ebru Şahin. Romance Official trailer: Starring:Akın AkınözüAyda AkselEbru Şahin
September 23, 2021

Al Anisa Farah

Al Anisa Farah Farah and Shadi are left to deal with the consequences of their son’s kidnapping. Between war and peace, Majed and Dalal rediscover their relationship. Comedy Arfa Abdel RassoulAsma Abo ElyazeidRania YoussefTamer Farag
September 22, 2021

Hob Abyad W Aswad

Hob Abyad W Aswad The events of the series revolve around a beautiful girl with tender and benevolent feelings, who lives with her police brother, who was her father and helped her become a doctor, and the hero of the series "Farhat", who does not know what love is, and has cruel and merciless feelings for anyone, because of his childhood. which he lived is quite unlike the original. Drama Birce Akalayİbrahim Çelikkol
September 21, 2021

Khamsa W Nos

Khamsa W Nos Getting married to the powerful political leader Ghimar el-Ghanem should have been every girl’s dream, but Bayan’s dream soon becomes a nightmare when he turns her life into a living hell. Her only way out will be to throw herself in the arms of her handsome bodyguard who won’t resist the temptation. Drama Kosai KhauliMotasem Al NaharNadin Naseb Njeim
September 24, 2020

Min EL Akher

Min EL AkherDirector: Charles Chlela A romantic and social series that talks about a complicated love story between Rita and Motasem in very exciting and dramatic events. A romantic and social series that talks about a complicated love story between Rita and Motasem in a very exciting and dramatic events 2020 1 h 00 min Romance Official trailer: Starring:Badi Abu ChakraCynthia SamuelMotasem Al NaharRita Hayek
September 24, 2020

Hob Muhrrm

Hob MuhrrmDirector: Kinan Iskandarani A widowed mother discovers that her daughter has secretly married the young man she loves, and the mother finds herself in a conflict between telling the father-in-law about it, or keeping it a secret and looking for a way for her daughter to finish her studies. 2015 1 h 00 min Drama Official trailer: Starring:Joe SaderKatia Kaadi
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