Ramadan Programs

Ramadan 2017

Adham Bek


Adham Bek had been a long-time supporter of the revolution and the rebels and an avid adversary to the French mandate in Lebanon.
Out of the blue, he switches sides and gets chummy with the French. All to get even with his brother who broke his heart and stole his girl.

Our story begins here. Adham changes from a kind-hearted, loving man, into a mean-tempered one with his sights set on vengeance from his brother and from the woman who made him hate the gender as a whole.


Starring: Youssef Al Khal | Christina Saade | Peter Semaan | Youssef Haddad | Rita Harb | Rania Issa

La Akher Nafas


Two well-off families are linked by the emotional connection and attraction of a man and a woman. She tries to fight it, so as to avoid disappointing her family among other things, but circumstance puts them in the same working space. There begins a wild and thrilling ride of flirtation.

Electrifying sparks flying everywhere defying traditions and norms in the Arab society, escalating the excitement of the forbidden bond. The viewer is torn whether to root for this couple or condemn their relationship.


Starring: Carine Rizkallah | Badih Abou Chakra | Rodney Haddad

Al Hayba


In an area located on the borders between Syria and Lebanon, “Al Hayba”, Jabal (a young strong-willed man) and his clan, Sheikh El Jabal, control arms trading and smuggling…

Fifteen years after fleeing to France, his brother returns home in a casket with his widowed wife Alia and son Jabal, named after the clan leader. The family insists on keeping the boy in his ancestors’ land, leaving Alia no choice but to marry Jabal to stay by her son’s side, in hopes that one day her grown son would set her free and himself in the process.
Leaving France for this dried up land was sudden and unepected, but falling head over heels in love with Jabal, that was most surprising of all.


Starring: Nadine Nassib Njeim | Taym Hassan

Treka 3layna


Treka 3layna is a social reality show during the Holy month of Ramadan that deals with people struggling with their cars and that makes a much needed change in their daily routine by revamping them.

Our team seeks people who rely heavily on their cars, but for different reasons cannot afford to fix them. We get to know their story and in 5 days make a radical change!

With the help of mechanics and our technical team, Mohammad Kaiss will take you on a journey to discover 15 stories of 15 Lebanese people, and how we made a positive impact on their lives…

Hosted By: Mohammad Kaiss


3ish W Kol Ghayra


Pranks and jokes are his specialty. Entertaining the masses in funny and unexpected ways is what we’ve come to love about Kamil Asmar. This Ramadan big laughs and even bigger surprises are in store for our faithful viewers with 3ish W Kol Ghayra.

Hosted By: Kamil Asmar


Kel Mayle 3ayle


The game show that every family loves to play is back! Get ready for a fast-paced and big-time entertainment as MTV’s widely-popular game show, “Men Kel Mayle 3ayle” (AKA Family Feud), returns for a bigger and more fun season.

Aside from big prizes and bonus giveaways, major changes were made on the show’s set to give this installment a brand new look. A more high-tech playing mode, advanced lighting effects and fabulous studio arrangement were integrated to make it at par with its international counterpart.

“Family Feud” became the number one game show in daytime television, and was placed among the top five most popular syndicated television shows in many countries around the world. It also ranks third in USA TV Guide’s list of the 60 greatest game shows of all time.

The battle is between two competing families of five as they try to outsmart each other with what the “survey said” in polls conducted on 100 people. Whoever accumulates the most points in four rounds advances to the Prize round, where they win big prizes.


Hosted By: Michel Abou Sleiman

Target Audience


Ramadan 2017 programs are a family viewing experience guaranteed to appeal to a wide range of audience, from all age groups, 15-75 year old.

Fun and games, big wins, pimped rides, drama and romance, there’s something there for everyone.


ART Variety



Wahat El Ghoroub


In the 19th century, during the British Colonisation of Egypt, A Colonel is transferred to Siwa Oasis with his Irish wife Katherine and there the story begins…



Al Hayba


When what seems to be your punishment becomes your reward and what you tolerate as a transition becomes your lifetime choice. in a tribal culture in rural lebanon a Parisian widow arrives to bury her husband, yet falls in love.


Qanadil Al Ushaq


A famous singer with a dark past falls in love. It is the tale of secrecy, romance and sophistication.

Ramadan Kareem


The series revolves around the “rebellious” girl Ruby who dwells a modest life in the village yet aims for wealth, fame and power.


30 Yawm


Tarek a competent psychotherapist undergoes emotional turmoil post the suicide of his sister who happened to be his patient.


Kafr Delhab


In an unknown time and place, a curse dictates the life of Kafr Delhab.



Taqat Nour


After his wife disappears, her body gets found in the garden of their mansion. Is he the victim or the perpetrator of this loss?





Wein Kenti


The marriage of Ramzi, an elderly man and widower, to the much younger Nisrine shocks his son Jad and his girlfriend Silla, who together rush back home to try and untie the knot.

Ward Jouri


When a celebration ends with rape, in a small neighborhood the crime is hidden yet the augmenting pain erupts…


Starring: Nadine Rassi | Ammar Shalak | Roula Hmadeh | Rodrigue Sleiman | Gabriel Yammine



Maya used to live a peaceful life along her mother, brother and fiancé Iyad.
Until a piece of Caramel changed her life upside down..


Starring: Maggie Bou Ghosn | Thafer Al3abedeen | Carmen Lebos | Pierre Dagher | Jessie Abdo | Talal Al Jurdi


Bab El Hara 9


A new season with new challenges…

Joumhouriyet Noun


Rima a dedicated lawyer and single mother has her life in shape and under control until a new neighbour comes to town…