February 17, 2021

Hadeth Qalb

Hadeth Qalb When Fadigets a job as a private driver for the rich and beautiful Samar, it is the start of a romantic love story. But the past comes back to haunt the couple as a terrible incident has already bonded the two lovers years ago.
February 17, 2021


Fimale Fi-male is an entertainment talk show hosted by Carla Haddad. The weekly show hosts celebrity male guests, who star in different sectors and fields
February 17, 2021

Beauty Match

Beauty Match Three beauty influencers face off every week, showcasing their makeover skills on participants who want a whole new look.
February 17, 2021

Alhob La Yafham Alkalam

Alhob La Yafham Alkalam The series revolves around the love story between "Hayat" and "Murad" in a funny comic way "Hayat" is a village girl who came to Istanbul to complete her studies and then searched for a suitable job opportunity, while Murad is a rich young man in charge of his father's fashion, design and fashion company.
December 27, 2020


Lu'lu Lu'lu' is a rising singer looking to be famous amid the problems she faces, especially after her brother has known about her work and his opposition to her.
November 29, 2020

Ma Fiyi 2 – Arabic

Ma Fiyi 2 After Hala's death the two families accuse each other, the conflict escalates, Faress and Yasma fight to stay together, but the distance gets bigger.
September 23, 2020

Hob Ama- Arabic

Hob Ama The series revolves around Kamal (Burak Ozgevit), a poor young man and Nihan (Nislihan Atagul), a rich girl, who both fall in love with each other. On the other hand, Amir who is a wealthy man, aspires to make Nihan fall in love with him, and with the aid of his father he imprisons her brother.
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