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All the latest news from Greece, minute by minute on Antenna Pacific.

Antenna Pacific, with a sense of responsibility towards society and its staff, and aiming to provide timely and reliable information, as well as protect the health of its employees, is modifying its schedule. Daily news shows are extended, the production of entertainment shows and series is postponed, we relive, from the first moment, all our favourite legendary series and we wear our best smiles to welcome the most delightful daily company!

Reliable news on Antenna Pacific!

Daily news are extended with special shows and longer news bulletins, bringing you all the news from Greece and the world with responsibility and objectivity. Antenna reporters present revealing research and, with the assistance of specialists, give us useful advice for health issues and our daily lives.

Focusing on important news

ANT1 NEWS: Daily newscasts are extended in order to provide even more information, detailed analysis and all the breaking news, in real time.

Daily at 10pm (L), 4.30am (L) and 8am

Reliable information every day

KALIMERA ELLADA: Giorgos Papadakis and his team are here daily to present all the latest updates with a commitment to accuracy.

Daily at 3pm (L)

Bringing us all breaking news

PROINI ENIMEROSI: Immediately following KALIMERA ELLADA, the team of the new informative show on Antenna Pacific continues the run of reporting with live correspondence and a constant stream of information on all the latest.

Daily at 7pm (L)

Investigations that matter

SPECIAL REPORT: Tasos Telloglou and Antonis Fourlis along with experienced journalists present research, exclusive interviews and deep-delving reporting for everything that concerns us.

Wednesdays at 11pm

The most legendary comedies and gameshows are here!

1.20pm ROUK ZOUK

Reliving the hit series of the season!

AGRIES MELISSES: We welcome back the drama series that won over our hearts, and relive from the first moment the struggle of sisters Eleni, Droso and Asimina to survive and conquer happiness…

Daily at 12pm

An uproar in the kitchen!

PETA TI FRITEZA: We enjoy once more the happiest company, in the wildest kitchen in Greece! Andreas and his son Kimon will do everything they can to save the iconic “Lagoudera” restaurant from the evil plans of the mysterious Luna!

Monday to Thursday at 11.15pm

The revolution of 1821 lives on!

POLIORKIA: The breathtaking film by Vasilis Tsikaras comes to Antenna Pacific for its TV premiere! History repeats itself, through the parallel stories of Greek warriors, in March 1822 at the Dovras Monastery, and in March 1941 at Fort Roupel…

Saturday 28/3 at 8.45pm