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Exciting new Program on Antenna Pacific!

mysat-July Highlights

mysat-July Highlights

The ultimate game show begins!

TO TERI KSERI:  In the new family entertainment show, couples that believe they know everything about each other have to pass complicated tests, in order to win the prize!

Coming soon

mysat-July Highlights

The daily morning news don’t stop!

KALOKERI MAZI STIS 7: The team of Antenna journalists is here to bring us interesting reports on politics and finance, as well as the important social issues of our daily lives.

Premieres Monday 2/7, airs daily at 2pm (L)

mysat-July Highlights

Together every morning!

KALOKERI MAZI STIS 10: The most upbeat group of friends will keep us company all summer, with special guests, interesting topics, laughter and a great mood!

Premieres Tuesday 3/7, airs daily at 10am

mysat-July Highlights

Dancing to the beat of the Worl Cup!

SUPER MUNDIAL: The soccer World Cup in Russia, the stars, the stories behind the scenes and the action in and out of the field, are analyzed in the new sports show on Antenna Pacific!

Weekends at 7pm

mysat-July Highlights

May the best team win!

CELEBRITY GAME NIGHT: Thodoris Atheridis presents the fun game show in which six celebrities and two players enter a battle in order to win and donate their winnings for a good cause!

Sundays at 8.45pm

mysat-July Highlights

The 8th photo contest has started!
Show us Greece through your eyes from wherever you are around the world!