Whats On

New and exciting programs on Antenna Pacific!

The new season begins with a rich and full schedule that has something for everyone!

New daily and weekly series premiere, full of emotions, excitement, action and laughter to the point of tears. Our favorite daily gameshows are back with new episodes and fun for the entire family.

Daily, live newscasts and news shows, as well as plenty of soccer action, are also included.
The brand new Antenna Pacific program lineup kicks off this September!

Two women on the edge!

GINEKA CHORIS ONOMA:  Two women enter a battle to the death for a life that was stolen from them: the life of their children… in the new drama series created by Maria Georgiadou.

Premieres Tuesday 18/9 at 7.10pm

Parents and children at war!

KANE GONIS NA DIS KALO: Ieroklis Michailidis and Eleni Kastani star in the new comedy series centered around the immortal, spectacular Greek nuclear family.

Premieres Friday 28/9 at 9pm

Standalone stories of crime!

EGLIMA KE PATHOS: Every week a well-known reporter presents a crime of passion that is analyzed by criminologists and other experts. Beyond the dramatic reconstruction of events, we seek to uncover the motives that led the perpetrator to their crime.

Premieres Monday 1/10 at 10.45pm

News bring power to the people!

ANT1 NEWS: Nikos Chatzinikolaou continues to bring us the latest news from Greece and around the world with reliability and objectivity.

Premieres Monday 17/9 at 2.30am (L)

Your trusted news source for 28 years!

KALIMERA ELLADA: Giorgos Papadakis returns to our screens with all the latest news.

Premieres Monday 17/9 at 1pm (L)

Time to listen to the citizens!

KINI LOGIKI: 30 everyday characters from all over Greece comment on current events with humor and a distinct point of view. How do the people next door view the major and minor issues that arise every week?

Premieres Tuesday 18/9 at 5pm

Our mornings become even brighter!

TO PROINO: Fay Skorda and her upbeat group of friends are here once more, with everything you need to have a lovely day: interesting topics, laughter and a great mood!

Premieres Tuesday 18/9 at 9.45am

The action continues!

GREEK SOCCER: Important matches, new players and memorable moments will be the center of the Greek Super League and the Greek Cup, live and exclusively on Antenna Pacific!

Lots of fun moments await!

ROUK ZOUK: The beloved gameshow is back for another season with entertaining battles! Two teams fight for the win, with word descriptions, pantomime and lots of laughter.

Premieres Tuesday 18/9 at 5.30pm

Return to the hilarious game!

STILL STANDING: One contestant faces ten opponents and must remain standing until the end in order to be crowned winner, in the new, captivating gameshow with Maria Bekatorou!

Premieres Tuesday 18/9 at 6.20pm

The buzz is louder than ever!

BEAT BUZZER: Giorgos Mavridis rolls up his sleeves and takes the wheel for a good purpose, in the new musical gameshow that will keep us on the edge of our seats!

Premieres Monday 1/10 at 9.50pm

The ultimate adventure game is back!

NOMADS: This season, the Nomads travel to the exotic Madagascar, where they’ll face the challenge of surviving on minimum food, against tough tests, raising the adrenaline to the max!

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