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New Season 2017- 2018



Eleni continues to make you smile. Eleni goes out on the streets, she plays, she entertains, she cooks, and she talks about issues that matter in your everyday life.

“Eleni” is refreshed , so you can leave better together.

That’s what friends are for…

Eleni is your daily randez vous…




Alpha News: Alpha TV channel strengthens its informational profile, giving the news the time and space that are necessary. Citizens trust Alpha news because of its dynamic, fighting, revealing, trustworthy character.Τhe number one news bulletin in Greece.

Daily 21:00



Reportaz: Alpha Reportaz is on the streets, where the incidents take place, the time that they take place; from ALPHA’s reporters perspective.

Rania Tzima and Spiros Labrou continue the reportage within the studio, with no interventions and with absolute respect towards the news. Revealing Reportages within and out of the borders, live links; all the news in terms of the society, politics and the economy.

Monday to Friday 00:45


Nikos Manesis

Savvatokyriako me ton Manesi: There are cameras everywhere recording what’s happening. The purpose of this show is both to inform and entertain through the news, the live links, the stories etc.

Saturday – Sunday 18:00


Vicky Chatzivasileiou

Πάμε Πακέτο: Viicky Chatzivasileiou the hostess of the show “Pame Paketo” has changed many people’s lives. Usually the person who seeks a family member or a person who hasn’t been in touch for a while, sends a box and invites them to the live show.

Sunday 22:00


Stamatina Tsimtsili

Happy Day στον Alpha: Stamatina Tsimtsili along with Dimitri Papanota, Kosta Fragolia, Florida Petrouseli, Christo Varthaliti and Tina Messaropoulou promise us happy morning TV shows. Special part within the program is the live connection with ALPHA 989. Where Dimos Verikios and Sriros Labrou who focus in day political and social scene.

Monday to Friday 16:00


To Tatouaz

The new top series of Andreas Georgiou and Vana Dimitriou. ‘Tatouaz’ is full of love, forbidden relationships and passion crimes. An erotic story that have been created under adverse conditions. A cop thriller that takes place in Aigina and Meteora.

Tuesday – Thursday 21:00


Kokkino Nifiko

Three grooms, three candy brides, three murders and three dresses painted in red! What unites these women that did not manage to reach the bridal bed? What is the common point that the three grooms may have? Who can give answers to these questions? All the answers will be given at the new TV series of ALPHA, ‘’Kokkino nifiko’’.

Thursday 21:45


Ela Sti Thesi mou

The new owners of Sofo Express International are Damianos, Fei and Sylvia. However the major threat is Meni Soults (Natalia Dragoumi). Meni is a Greek-german woman from Kozani with a hidden secret that connects her with the Sofokleous family. What are the plans for Emilia, Vlasis and Achileas?

Monday – Friday 19:45


Eleni Tsolaki

Slam: Any question can be answered by one letter only; that is the challenge of the game. The winner of every episode will be automatically qualified to the next one where he/she will face two new opponents. Each finalist has the right to participate in 5 consecutive ‘SLAM’ and to earn up to 5.000 euro.

Monday – Friday 19:00