Ahlam Saeida

Brought together by fate, three insomniac middle-aged women go on a journey that helps them overcome their personal challenges and lead more satisfying lives.

Al A'edoon

The series "The Returnees" revolves around a true story, about the returnees from the dens of terrorism in the period between 2018 and 2020, and how Egyptian intelligence confronted them and succeeded in eliminating them.

Kasr Adm

The referee facilitates illegal smuggling with his many connections by corrupt policemen, despite his son Ryan, a police officer, who tackles the outlaws.


An emotional story about a man whose life was stolen and he returned to face his past and his great love, and the story will revolve around a person named Cozgun who will live with another name.

Al Ekhteyar 3

Three employees in different military sectors work behind the scenes through the most dangerous 96 hours in modern Egyptian history, during the 2013 revolution.

Maktub Alya

A bizarre encounter turns Jalal's life into a comedic adventure when he wakes up to find the day's events written on his body.

W Lta'yna

A love story that takes place in our current era, arising between the son of one of the ministers of corruption (Majd), and Princess (Hala), the daughter of Prince "Omar Kabbara", who was known for his patriotism and his struggle against antiquities dealers, to end up being accused of a corruption case.

Till Death 2

Now that they got exposed, Reem and Sahar become target to a revenge plan that turns their friendship into a battle for survival, revealing secrets of the past.

Haret Al Qobba

A dying man entrusts his brother-in-law with a small, tightly-concealed box that wreaks havoc as it evokes a deep hatred and sparks sick ambitions.

Tofah Al Haram

Two sisters, Yildiz and Zeinab, live together in Istanbul, and although they are two sisters, the personality of each is different from the other. Zeinab is a beautiful girl who adheres to her own principles, and begins to work with the young Ali Khan, a wealthy businessman, but he is conceited, and one day Zainab's first work causes a fight between her and Ali Khan, but he likes the way Zainab behaves, which creates some feelings for her.

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