Kharza Zarka

The story of two families, the first Syrian and the second Lebanese, who are united by many harsh conditions in life and great challenges, and things become more difficult when son Zain falls in love with Alia with an almost impossible love story.

Al Anisa Farah

Farah and Shadi are left to deal with the consequences of their son’s kidnapping. Between war and peace, Majed and Dalal rediscover their relationship.

Bi Lahza

The events revolve around the lives of two rich families who enjoy a strong influence due to suspicious business such as drug and contraband trade, which ignites a long and fierce war between them that leads to many revolts and a waterfall of blood, until they decide to end the dispute by achieving an intermarriage link between them, so they marry the son of one of the two families to the daughter of the family. the other without taking into account the options of the newlyweds, so the solution turns into a fuse for a new conflict revealed by events.


Majid is a young headmaster in a private school, seeking to make some changes at his school, and his life as well; he has no idea that his wish will come true when he bumps into Layal, who works as a dog trainer and a musician in a restaurant.

Hob Abyad W Aswad

The events of the series revolve around a beautiful girl with tender and benevolent feelings, who lives with her police brother, who was her father and helped her become a doctor, and the hero of the series "Farhat", who does not know what love is, and has cruel and merciless feelings for anyone, because of his childhood. which he lived is quite unlike the original.

Al Nahhat

When Yaman decides to move into the family house as he prepares to teach sculpture in college, his mother opposes his decision since the house has been empty since his father's death. But the truth is that she is afraid that the move will open a door that was closed years ago.

Al Ikhtiyar - Regal Al Zel

A story revolving around the lives of internal security agents known as the Shadow Men and their role in protecting the country from terrorism.

Halawet El Donya

When Amina gets diagnosed with cancer close to her wedding, she gets abandoned by her fiancé under his family's pressure. This all serves as a wake-up call which makes her reflect on her relationships with the people in her life. Her elevated sense of maturity makes her value what and who truly matter in her life.

Haret Al Qobba

A dying man entrusts his brother-in-law with a small, tightly-concealed box that wreaks havoc as it evokes a deep hatred and sparks sick ambitions.

Tofah Al Haram

Two sisters, Yildiz and Zeinab, live together in Istanbul, and although they are two sisters, the personality of each is different from the other. Zeinab is a beautiful girl who adheres to her own principles, and begins to work with the young Ali Khan, a wealthy businessman, but he is conceited, and one day Zainab's first work causes a fight between her and Ali Khan, but he likes the way Zainab behaves, which creates some feelings for her.

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