Menna w Jerr

All eyes are on Pierre Rabbat's weekly show that hosts some regular guests, and others from different art, media and political fields.

Sar El Waet

A weekly social political program on MTV Lebanon, prepared and presented by Marcel Ghanem which discusses the most important topics of the day in Lebanon and the world.

Beit El Kel

“Beit el Kell” is a new entertainment show to be presented by Adel Karam. The show is based in Adel’s “house” to which he invites guest stars every week for an evening of fun and laughter with singing and new segments. Co- Presenting with Adel are Abbas Jaafar and Adele Jamaleddine who decide to live in his “house” and make life hell for him.

Ana Heik

Ana Haik is a public intervention with individuals and their families. Neshan will get this person, try to convince him,his family members and the society to accept him, all in a dramatic hard talk show.

MySat Arabic

The most popular selection of Arabic channels and programs.

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MTV Lebanon
Future TV
Al Jadeed

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Offer terms and conditions: New residential customers only. 3-months commitment with early termination fee for fixed term contract. Prices include standard set-up-box and smart card. After 03-month plan offer ends, TV subscription auto-renews at regular subscription price: $50.00/mth. Fees paid monthly in advance and cancellation occurs at end of monthly period. All quoted monthly prices and minimum cost pricing are based on current pricing.
MySatGO account will be authorized to receive programming upon first login and remain active for the duration of the TV subscription contracted plan. Once MySatGO 3-months free subscription lapses, the account shall be cancelled unless the subscription renewal is purchased.
Please refer to Installation Requirements before proceeding with your subscription.
Prices may change from time to time in accordance with the Residential Subscription Television Agreement.

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